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Why Step Out of the Ordinary?

Step Out of the Ordinary Bunbury focuses on using all the tools you need to keep yourself healthy. We look for a Holistic approach to your Wellbeing, Incorporating Fitness, Lifestyle Coaching, Massage and suggestions on Nutrition.

Lifestyle Coach and Personal Training to Find Your Bliss

Are you satisfied with where you are right now in your life? At Step Out of the Ordinary, we help clients who are unable to move on from the past and are stuck at one place in their lives. If you had dreams and goals left unfulfilled in your life, Step Out of the Ordinary is the place to be to see yourself on the path towards success. An unhealthy lifestyle is the easiest way towards anxiety, stress and health problems. You need to step out of habits that are holding you back to not only succeed in your professional life but also to sculpt your body to see it the way you have always wanted it to be. We realize it is not easy to turn your life around. It is not simple to just wake up one day and start exercising and thinking postiviely. The path towards a healthy lifestyle is not easy but it is not impossible either. All you need is the motivation and the right people standing by you to encourage you on the way, so if you ever stumble, they will be there to help you get back on track. This is what we do! This is why Step Out of the Ordinary came into existence! Step Out of the Ordinary helps you to:

  • Be mindful of and accept who you are
  • Become yourself in a way that changes your life for the better
  • Live your life the way YOU want
  • Empower your mind, body and soul

It worries us that stress is on the rise in Australia. More and more people are suffering from anxiety and stress because of which they end up neglecting their health, both mental and physical. This is especially true for the ladies as they have to manage both their professional and personal lives. We realize how hard it can be to balance your professional and personal life. Work alone can be stressful as the competition nowadays to get ahead requires hard work. Enter Inspired Women to help you manage the stress that comes from being a busy woman. We work with you to overcome these odds and get you charged up to take on the challenges.

Personal Training Designed to Empower Women

Dropping weight is not easy. Ask anyone who has lost those extra kilos and she will tell you. You need the best personal coaching with the right motivation and guidance to turn away from the unhealthy lifestyle you have been living for so long. Leaving all that behind will require inner strength, something we will provide you so you can look forward and prepare for the journey ahead of you. At Step Out of the Ordinary, it is our passion to help women to not only overcome anxiety and stress but also their physical selves. We provide personal training sessions to help the ladies change their bodies. If you are overweight and want to drop that excess fat, we will help you shed it so you can look the way you want to, strong, cut and sexy! At Step Out of the Ordinary, we help you find the true bliss that is health and happiness. We help women prepare for the journey by offering you the chance to join us at Step Out of the Ordinary. We do one-on-one or small group personal training – mobile training available (conditions apply)
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