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My Spiritual Coaching Sessions are a fusion of neuro-linguistic programming and spiritual guidance and they can help you gain clarity in the direction you’re seeking whether it’s in your relationships, career, inner healing and more. These sessions are ideal for those who are ready for change now. Prior to diving into our session, I thoroughly review your previous experiences and goals for our work together in order to better understand how to help you.

Transformational Program – Become the butterfly! 

Within you lives the person you’ve always wanted to be. She’s a beautiful butterfly – healthy, happy, confident and proud. Only you know how long she’s been waiting inside. What if she could emerge today? Would you let her come out and fly?

Now You Can Experience

Robyn Whitehill, founder of My Robbie has devoted her life to helping clients realize their potential. Fifteen years ago, she overcame her own feelings of inadequacy to reclaim her passion for life.

What triggered the emergence of Robyn’s butterfly was her study of a behavioural science known as “neurolinguistic programming” or NLP. She found it so dynamic, so invigorating, that she became a Master Practitioner in the technique.

Life Without Failure – Is It Possible?

One of the key concepts Robyn learned was, “There is no failure, only feedback.” By examining responses to her actions, she began to see how to break with bad habits and create positive new routines. Her personal transformation was rapid and profound.

Another lesson Robyn learned was “It is okay to ask for help.” Sometimes you may feel all alone, but there are many people around who have the answers you seek, if only you ask the questions.

Embracing Change

NLP Coaching focuses on your desired outcomes, not your problems. Some of the results you can look for are transformations in health, increased self confidence, more rewarding relationships and greater balance in your life – your butterfly coming out of its cocoon.

Do you have a question for Robyn? Nothing would make her happier than to help you find answers. For more information about NLP Coaching and how to book a private session, contact My Robbie, by phone m: 0417 183 253.

Spiritual Coaching

A Coach is your partner, a relationship for change. Coaching inspires you, promotes vision, helps you seek new directions and purpose in life.

Coaching is a fantastic way to get motivated allowing you to live life to the fullest. Coaching inspires you to the realisation that you truly have the potential to be the best that you can be.

Incorporating NLP and Spiritual Guidance within the Coaching Session produces accelerated change without having to go through years of trial and error.

Create your choices –

  • You are in charge of your mind, and therefore your results
  • Only feedback – No failure
  • Actions speak louder than words but the words we choose dictate our actions
  • Live the life of your dreams

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the process of creating new neurological pathways, that allow individuals to develop different, effective behaviour’s and arrive at new conclusions.

NLP provides a whole new range of additional life choices, the possibilities for your life are as endless as your imagination!

If you were introduced to an exciting effective technique to create change in your life, – would you try it?

Does this sound like you?

  • Your health is suffering?
  • Lack motivation and direction?
  • Low self confidence?
  • You feel out of control over your own emotions and behaviours?
  • Are you sick of struggling to achieve your goals or just want a different result?

Spiritual Coaching can help you to –

  • Improve Self Esteem
  • Improve your Health and Wellbeing
  • Celebrate your Body
  • Create New Healthy habits
  • Find your Bliss

What happens during an NLP session?

A thorough case history is taken so that we have a full and accurate understanding of the person who wishes to change their thought patterns or behaviours. We will then choose from a large number of different processes to change your outcome. The idea is that, next time the client is confronted with a similar situation, the new form will be uppermost in their mind .

When in hypnosis or a meditative state:

  • You remain in control of yourself at all times. It is not the same as sleep and and you are not unconscious
  • You are aware of everything the therapist says at all times
  • Your subconscious mind accepts positive suggestions and can release unwanted behaviour patterns.

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How is NLP different to Counselling?

Traditionally, counselling tends to focus on the clients problems. If you put your attention to a specific behaviour or emotion you can often intensify the experience of the problem. NLP focuses on the clients desired outcome, if a person doesn’t like the results they are getting, NLP provides tools to help them get the results they desire.

Is hypnosis mind control?

No one under hypnosis can be induced to do anything against their will, you are in complete control at all times. A hypnotist cannot make you say or do anything that you don’t want to say or do.

What age groups do My Robbie work with?

We can work with young adults and mature adults.

It can be a confusing time for teenagers with many life choices and self discovery of identity and mission. Certain limiting factors resulting from earlier life experiences may become apparent, it may be a time to re-evaluate and consider significant changes in order to move forward in more fulfilling ways. NLP is the study of who you are and what you are.

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I just want to thank you Robyn for your persistence, compassion and professionalism with the work you do. It’s great to be coached by someone that has been through their own challenges. I guess this is why you’re so dedicated – because NLP has personally helped you so much. Your work is different, powerful and you’re fun to be around. And thanks for those personal coaching calls upgrading my thinking and words I speak about myself and my life. I have an exciting future and your refreshing and powerful coaching will continue to be part of it. Thanks again.

~~Belinda WA

I have found the results to be immediate and exciting when working with the NLP techniques that Robyn Whitehill has taken me through! For anyone seriously committed to improving their lives, you will find the same commitment from this lady. She is both passionate and totally committed to her work!

~~Deanna WA

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